Increase Credit Bureau- free credit

Those who abide by the rules of the game also have credit. To be able to increase the Credit Bureau-free loan is no problem for serious borrowers. Read exactly how it works in the article.

Top up Credit Bureau-free credit – which credit bank is it about?

Top up Credit Bureau-free credit - which credit bank is it about?

If you are looking for a loan with a negative Credit Bureau, it is usually not easy to be recognized as a solvent loan partner. For many, being able to top up their Credit Bureau-free loan later is a worry for the future. The first step is to find a Credit Bureau-free loan offer.

It is only late that many discover Lite Lender in Liechtenstein, which was founded in 2010. The bank’s loan offer is limited to a loan without Credit Bureau of $ 3,500 or $ 5,000 net loan amount. You can only apply for one loan at a time, which is repaid in 40 equal installments.

Credit Bureau-free increase – increase amount

Credit Bureau-free increase - increase amount

Even with the question of a credit increase, these sums cannot be exceeded. The desire to increase the Credit Bureau-free loan therefore has to be waited for some time.

It is only the repayments that have been made that give further credit scope. Nevertheless, the desire to increase credit is not uncommon. Ordinary repayers are given the opportunity to do so.


Not everyone who Credit Bureau certifies has a bad credit rating is automatically a bad repayer. But, if you have been negatively noted at first, it is often difficult to remove the flaw. Not infrequently, it takes many years until the Credit Bureau is finally clean again.

Credit requests within this period can practically only be fulfilled via the Lite Lender. As far as is known, it offers the only legal credit option for a foreign loan – through a credit bank – without Credit Bureau.

Lite Lender Top up credit – how it works

Lite Lender Top up credit - how it works

The increase in the Credit Bureau-free loan works just like a new application. The old loan is redeemed prematurely via the new loan – without penalty interest. The difference to the application amount is paid out.

Interesting for all who currently want to increase their Credit Bureau-free loan, the credit bank cut interest rates in January 2014. The effective interest rate has now been reduced to a uniform 11.37 percent.

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